Types of Mushrooms


 Closed Cups

Colour: White

Size: 30-60mm depending on customer requirements

Taste: More intense flavour, deeper, richer taste


Closed Cup
Mushroom Prodution
 Picked Mushrooms
Packed Mushrooms

Button Closed Cups

Colour: White

Size: 20-35mm

Taste: Delicate Flavour

Button Mushrooms
Did you know?

A Button mushroom, not picked, will double in size every twenty-four hours. It develops into a closed cup mushroom.

 Chestnut Mushrooms

Colour: Caramel to light brown in colour with white stalks

Size: 30-45mm depending on customer requirements

Taste: A little more earthy than the white closed cup. Closer in tase to the wild varieties of mushrooms.

Breffni Mushrooms - Chestnut MushroomsBreffni Chestnut Mushrooms

 Breakfast Flats

Colour: White with the broken veils revealing pink-brown gills inside.

Size: Vary in size

Taste: Fully Matured. Robust full bodied flavour.

Flat Mushrooms





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