Picking & Packing


Mushroom Picking
1. Mushroom Picking
At Breffni Mushrooms, all our mushrooms are picked by hand. Mushrooms can be very easily damaged and marked which can reduce their appeal to discerning customers.
Pickers ensure that the mushrooms are thinned so that smaller mushrooms have space to grow. Mushrooms are picked, their stalks are trimmed using a curved knife and then placed in their trays.
Closed Cups
 2. Presentation
Presentation is key to both retailers and consumers. As the mushrooms are picked they are arranged into their packaging to minimise handling and damage.
Each pack is weighed and labelled for traceability.

3. Packaging

The packs are quality checked and are run through a conveyor belt where they are shrink wrapped and labelled.






Packed Mushrooms

4. Distribution

The packs are arranged into boxes and chilled to ensure their quality is preserved. Our mushrooms are transported in refrigerated lorries to retailers and central distribution centres in Ireland and the UK within hours to picking.





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