Mushroom Houses

At Breffni Mushrooms, we have 80 mushroom houses. Each house is either 4 row high or 6 row high. In the past, mushroom tunnels or houses were a single layer but recent years have brought dramatic changes to the way mushrooms are produced. 

Mushroom Houses

mushroom houses

Empty Mushroom House

 Sprinkler System

Professional & Efficient Mushroom Production

  • Our mushroom houses require less space to produce a phenomenal amount of mushrooms at the highest quality level.
  • Sophisticated aeration systems ensure that the temperature and humidity, which is vital to efficient mushroom production, are maintained throughout the day and night
  • At Breffni Mushrooms we do not use any chemicals in our production. Instead we have installed a steam sterilising boiler which is used in each mushroom tunnel to kill bacteria before the mushroom house is set up for each cycle.
  • Our developments in the production of mushrooms ensures that we operate in an environmentally conscious way, reducing our waste, removing the need for chemicals and recycling what we can from our farms.




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