Mushroom Casing

1. Sterilisation of the Mushroom Houses

Empty Mushroom Houses

The houses are sterilised using steam for 12 hours. This ensures that the houses are sufficiently bacteria free for the introduction of the compost.

The advantages of steam are very significant. In the past, cleaning and sterilising would require severe pollutants and chemicals but with steam, the houses are kept chemical free.

2. Compost
The mushroom houses contain 4-6 row high racking which is mechanically filled with compost. This compost is a nitrogen rich formula, combined with straw, wheat, water and mushroom spores. This stimulates fungal spore growth.
Mushroom Casing
3. Casing
After 1 week, a layer of nutrient rich peat moss compost is applied. This nourishes the spores aiding growth of the mushrooms.


Cased House

4. Watering

The mushroom houses are kept warm and moist to stimulate the growth of the mushrooms.







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